Joint Team Rescue

Jan 10 2018

As well as feeding the ponies on Gelligaer common today Hungry Herds was asked by Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust to assist in catching a mare and foal whose owner is sadly in ill health, and unable to care for them and didn’t want them pts. The charity was asked if they would take them in and care for them. 
Pleased to report both mum and foal are now in safe hands and being looked after. 
Well done everyone involved!

Snow hits the common

12 December 2017

The snow has arrived on Gelligaer Common and the ponies are in desparate need of feed. They have no access to any grass so volunteers are braving the elements to get good quality haylage out to over 200 ponies.  The ponies are always really pleased to see our band of volunteers who give their time and effort freely to ensure the wel-lbeing of the ponies.

If you are able to spare an hour or two a week to help with feeding please contact us, there is no experience necessary.  We are a friendly little gang and would love to meet you.  Alternatively if you are unable to help we rely totally on fundraising and donations to purchase the feed. 

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Winter Feeding has Started 2017

27 Nov 2017

So today Hungry Herds braved the elements to feed around 130 hungry ponies.  This was the first day of our 2017 winter feeding.  The team had a great time and will be feeding again on Wednesday.

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Hungry Herds

June 9, 2017

On the Welsh Common of Gelligaer there are many herds of wild ponies. During the winter months the weather is very harsh and grazing is limited for the ponies.

These conditions led to Hungry Herds being launched by a group of caring volunteers.
The volunteers give their time freely to meet up and feed the herds during these winter months, over the summer period the volunteers spend time organising and carrying out fundraising activities to purchase the feed needed.

If you have some spare time why not pop along and help out, the volunteers are a cheery, friendly bunch always ready to welcome new volunteers.

Hungry Herds Quiz Night Fun

June 9th 2017

We are holding a fun quiz night on the 6th August, come and have some fun  at the Navigation in Abercynon you will be helping to raise funds to feed the ponies during the winter. 

We have some great raffles prizes, you need to be there to be in with a chance of winning.

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Working with local rescue rehoming charity

June 19th 2017

Hungry Herds admin team have been working closely with Welsh Pony Rescue and rehoming Charitable Trust for the past few months.  The  working relationships now forged between the two organisations serves to provide a joined up process for the ponies care.  

Hungry Herds concentrate on the wild herds roaming the common which in turn helps to reduce the number of ponies needing to be removed for extra care. This in turn frees up valuable stable space for any ponies that are sick or injured. During the summer and autumn months Hungry Herds  work with the rescue to maintain and bring on the ponies that are in the charities care in preparation for re-homing.

Together the organisations  aim to provide better all round fluid service and management for the wild/feral ponies.  All work carried out by the organisations is volunteer led, both organisations are always ready to welcome more help from anyone who is interested in the ponies welfare.  There are many ways in which you can help.  If you are interested please contact us.

Bootsale Sunday 2nd July

June 9, 2017

We will be having another bootsale to raise funds towards the winter feed bill on Sunday at Gelligaer.  Please come along and support us, say hello and talk to some of the team.

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Flash injured stallion

July 19, 2017

Flash was removed from Gelligaer Common yesterday and taken into the care of Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust.  

Flash had sustained a nasty bite from another stallion that has got infected.  He has seen the vet twice and is now on antibiotics and TLC.  Flash is a very handsome quiet stallion around 3 to 4 years old and will be looking for his forever home once he has mended.

He currently has donkey as his companion when out in the paddock to aid in his recovery and they are getting along just fine.  Updates will be posted on his progress and recovery.

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11 rescued foals

July 28 2017

On Wednesday 26th July 11 very young foals were rescued and brought into the care of Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust.  The little foals have been seen by the vet and have infected ulcerated eyes, bad coughs and are generally in a very poor condition. The foals are covered in oil and muck and have not seen any care in there short lives.

The little foals all need a great deal of care, we are currently looking for foster homes for these little guys to help them recover, gain strength and confidence in people.  The admin from Hungry Herds are currently helping with their daily care along with the other rescues currently on site.

If anybody can help with donations of milk, feed or offer a foster home either long or short term please contact us and we can give more details.

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Back in October Hungry Herds was fortunate enough to be put forward as one of the local groups to participate in The Asda Green Token Giving Scheme in Asda Caerphilly. We were runners up and today we received a cheque for £200 from Maggie Hughes, community champion at Asda Caerphilly.
A big THANK YOU! to everyone that voted for us with their tokens, and to Asda Caerphilly for their support. This money will help feed the hungry ponies on Gelligaer Common